National Associations

National associations are key in helping to maximize the potential of biotechnology in EU Member States. The National Associations Council is composed of 15 national biotech associations that together represent over 1,800 small- and medium-sized biotech companies and organisations. The National Associations Council regularly meets to discuss the latest national developments as well as to foster dialoque and information sharing.

Every year, together with its member National Associations, EuropaBio organises the European Biotech Week, which gives a platform to all biotech supporters to pool their events and raise awareness about the products and the benefits that biotechnology brings in areas as diverse as healthcare, agriculture, food, energy and industrial processing. We strongly encourage all biotech enthusiasts to join forces and participate in whatever way best fits with their mission and resources. The 8th edition will take place between 28 September - 04 October 2020. Stay tuned and start planning!