EU Matchmaking Event on COVID-19 Therapeutics

Building on the experience of the EU Task Force for Industrial Scale-up of COVID-19 vaccines, the European Commission will facilitate cooperation between actors in the supply […]

A Declaration from Members of the World’s Biotechnology Sector On Global Access to COVID Vaccines & Treatments and the Role of Intellectual Property

We, the undersigned CEOs of global biotechnology companies and associations have a social responsibility to work with other stakeholders to ensure that COVID vaccines and treatments get to the patients in the world who most need them.

EuropaBio welcomes the EU strategy on Covid-19 therapeutics


IP waiver for COVID-19 vaccines is a misguided and ineffective response to a shared global challenge

2021_05_H_PR_Waiver of Intellectual Property Rights for COVID-19 Vaccines – EuropaBio’s Position

The impact of COVID-19 on patients with chronic or life-threatening conditions

Read our latest blog on the impact of the pandemic on patients with chronic diseases and rare conditions around the globe.

How soon can we respond to COVID-19?

The development of a vaccine or an antiviral treatment is a long and complex process. So why are we hearing that a vaccine against COVID-19 may be ready in a year from now, or even sooner?

EuropaBio reply letter to European Patients’ Forum’s call on COVID-19

EuropaBio reply letter to EPF's call on COVID-19.

CRISPR and Coronavirus

A recent interview with Prof. Jennifer Doudna, a co-discoverer of the CRISPR-Cas9 system for genome editing, highlights potential applications of the technology to COVID-19.

Clinical Trials and Coronavirus

Check out the latest news on coronavirus clinical trials.

European Industry trade and supply chain needs to respond to Covid-19 – Joint Letter to the EU Trade Ministers

European Industry trade and supply chain needs to respond to Covid-19 - Joint Letter to the EU Trade Ministers.

Biotechnology spearheads the fight against COVID-19

Learn how biotechnology can contribute towards fighting COVID-19 in our latest blog post.
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