SME BioForum: Rare diseases

Rare Disease Day takes place on February 28th across the globe to raise awareness among policymakers and the public about rare diseases and their impact on patient's lives and their families...

EuropaBio Principles for Genetic Testing and Testing for Genetically-Driven Risk Factor

European Industry trade and supply chain needs to respond to Covid-19 - Joint Letter to the EU Trade Ministers.

Enabling Patient Access to Transformational Therapeutic Innovations: Modernising the EU’s Cross-Border Healthcare Framework

European Industry trade and supply chain needs to respond to Covid-19 - Joint Letter to the EU Trade Ministers.

EuropaBio Patient BioForum 2022: Toward a Common Understanding of Unmet Medical Needs

EuropaBio’s Patient BioForum meets annually to facilitate the exchange of views and expertise on scientific, regulatory, and policy issues between patient organisations and the biopharmaceutical industry. […]

The Revision of the Orphan Medicines Regulation Is an Opportunity. Will Europe Seize it?


Ensuring the full potential of EHDS: Stakeholders’ recommendations on how to make the digital transformation a success across Europe


#EFIB2022:  Industrial biotechnology community comes together in Vilnius next week


EuropaBio celebrates its inaugural Healthcare BioForum


Seizing opportunities for continued innovation, investment, and excellence in orphan medicines in Europe


EuropaBio Statement on the Evaluation of the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive


Rare Conversations: Game changing opportunities for the R&D community to address existing challenges in rare diseases

Join the inaugural episode of the new Rare Conversations event series in 2022, aimed at powering the next decade of rare disease innovation in Europe. The […]

National Associations Council Summit 2022 | Biotechnology: Delivering Europe’s Industrial Strategy Across Sectors

EuropaBio’s National Associations Council (NAC) is a platform that brings together all EuropaBio’s National Associations and helps to ensure coordination of EuropaBio actions throughout Europe. The […]

EuropaBio 25th Anniversary | mRNA: A voyage of discovery and celebration

The existence of messenger(m) RNA was hypothesized early in the days of DNA breakthroughs in the 1960s, and research from the 1990s started to reveal its potential as a therapeutic tool.

HealthDay.si Conference 2021: Biotech Meets Digital

Biotechnology and digital are getting closer. Due to the high development of both segments, Slovenia has a great global opportunity in this convergent field of medicine. […]

Artificial intelligence: investing in new technologies in healthcare

What if machine learning and artificial intelligence could learn to detect one of the most common forms of blood cancer, through evaluating data based on the gene activity of blood cells?

EuropaBio Patient Bio-Forum | European Reference Networks: challenges, achievements and opportunities

EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries, is proud to continue our platform for engaging patient and industry alike on pertinent healthcare debates: the Patient Bio-Forum. In […]

EuropaBio response to the European Commission Public Consultation on the Regulations for Orphan Medicinal Products and Paediatrics

EuropaBio has responded to the European Commission’s public consultation on the Orphan Medicinal Products (OMPs) and Paediatrics Regulations.

EuropaBio response to the Public Consultation ‘Digital Health Data and Services – The European Health Data Space’


Treatment without borders: the EU case for equitable patient access to advanced therapies

The EU Pharmaceutical Strategy is looking to improve patients’ access to therapies for challenging and rare conditions. The EU legislation on cross-border healthcare is an important […]

EuropaBio Patient BioForum: Advancing patient access to innovative treatments

2021 is set to be another landmark year in the area of health. It is hoped to not only relieve the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic […]