Create immunotherapy treatments for cancer

Immunotherapy has a long history of use against cancer: in the 1890’s bacteria was injected into a tumour in an attempt to encourage a response by the immune system against the cancer.

Create ‘living drugs’ that treat cancer

Treatment for certain cancers has taken a huge leap forward thanks to new “living drugs”, created through biotechnology.

What if we could heal sick blood cells

When “adult” blood causes illnesses, rejuvenating blood cells might be a remedy

What if we could find new tools in the fight against cancer

There are many types of cancer and many causes that lead to cancer, making the science of finding anti cancer drugs a challenge.

What if we could prevent childhood blindness

Genome editing dysfunctional cells in the eye could be a cure for one type of childhood blindness.

EuropaBio position on Germline Genome Editing

EuropaBio and its members strongly believe that genome editing will enable the development of many solutions to the grand challenges facing both people and planet.

Open Letter to Member States on the EU Court Ruling on Mutagenesis

Open Letter to Member States on the EU Court Ruling on Mutagenesis.

EuropaBio Advanced Therapy

EuropaBio invites EU decision-makers to engage with us and our healthcare biotech members who are leading the field in advanced therapies.

Advanced Medicinal Therapies – Step Up The Healthcare Revolution Now

Read about the outcomes of our working policy breakfast in the European Parliament, hosted by MEPs Claudia Gamon and Tomislav Sokol, in cooperation with ARM, the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine.

Chemically Synthesized Proteins Referencing Biological Medicinal Products

A EuropaBio white paper calling for: equal assessment transparency; equal measures for traceability and adverse event reporting; and a level playing field for market access.