Biomanufacturing Platform

EuropaBio’s Biomanufacturing Platform has the mission to represent biomanufacturing at the highest policy levels in Europe, to ensure that it is recognised within the EU Industrial Strategy and highlight its key contribution to Europe’s industrial transformation through the twin, green and digital transitions.

EuropaBio champions biomanufacturing across its Healthcare, Industrial Biotechnology and National Associations Councils and as a cross-sectoral Platform brings these voices together to accelerate Europe’s growth.

EuropaBio’s Biomanufacturing Platform addresses the policy and wider frameworks through which biomanufacturing is delivered.  Together with members and stakeholders, it focuses on how economic growth, resilience and sustainability are achieved through policy, legal frameworks and regulation at European and National levels.

Biomanufacturing Policy Summit: The annual half day summit brings together stakeholders, such as industry representatives and policymakers,  to discuss and agree on Europe’s ambitions for biomanufacturing and the tangible pathways to success across strategy, policy, regulation and legislation. The first edition occurred in 2023 and a new edition is already being prepared for March 2024 with more information coming out soon.

Biomanufacturing Definition 101: One of the first challenges of the Platform was to shape a baseline definition for biomanufacturing, understandable to wider stakeholders and society and from which EuropaBio can build case studies to champion its role in Europe’s economy. Read the full 101 Definition.

Biomanufacturing Report & Recommendations : The Policy Summit resulted in a report and also provided set of 10 recommendations for Europe’s journey towards a bio-based economy across all sectors.  These recommendations will support EuropaBio’s work in building a legislative and regulatory framework in which Europe can be globally competitive. Find the full Report & Recommendations.

Biomanufacturing Library: EuropaBio launched a library of global biomanufacturing policy, strategy and industry documents which is a living repository in constant growth and mutation. Visit the Library and if you or your organization has any relevant documents that might find common ground with it, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Get Involved

If you are active within biomanufacturing in any sector, bring your voice to EuropaBio’s work. Members are at the centre of our work, with priorities, case studies and recommendations to underpin advocacy and advance biomanufacturing in Europe.

For all enquiries, please contact our Biomanufacturing Platform Coordinator, Francisco Castro Alves:

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