Biotechnology Industry in Europe 2014-19: Time to reap the benefits


Biotechnology is geared at enhancing our quality of life and responding to society’s grand challenges such as an ageing and ever increasing population, healthcare choice and affordability, resource efficiency, food security, climate change, energy shortages and economic growth.

Biotechnology can be found in the clothes we wear, the products we use to wash them sustainably, the food we eat and

the sources it comes from, the medicines we use to keep us healthy and even the fuel we use to take us where we need to go.

Until now, biotechnology has also been a cornerstone of Europe's competitiveness in terms of research and innovation

as well as in terms of industrial growth, number of jobs and new companies created in Member States.

Today however, we risk turning Europe into the world's biotech research hub and not reaping the benefits of the products and services provided by this key enabling technology. 

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