BioJapan 2012 World Business Forum

10.10.2012 - 12.10.2012

Since first being held in 1986, BioJapan has continued to grow and will reach its 14th show in 2012. Given the large number of major pharmaceutical companies that have exhibited in recent years, we have greatly improved our Internet-based matching system—an essential tool for business partnering—while working together with exhibitors to help them make full use of growing opportunities to form alliances at the event. 

At BioJapan 2012, we plan to hold organizer’s seminars and organize exhibits in various zones under four major themes: “Life,” encompassing medical and health care businesses, medical devices and equipments, and cosmetics; “Green,” including biorefineries, biomass plastics, and the environment; “Functional Foods and Neutraceuticals”; and “Biotechnology Clusters and Ventures.” With exhibits covering a wide range of biotechnology industry-related fields, services, and products, such as research-use instruments and reagents, BioJapan offers a venue for researchers to effectively deal with whatever issues they face, from collecting information on research trends to comparing the products and services they need to conduct research. 

BioJapan has been undergoing transformations and making excellent progress over the years.

BioJapan 2012 World Business Forum


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