BioMarine 2013 Business Convention

09.09.2013 - 12.09.2013

The objectives of the BioMarine 2013 Business Convention are to meet the growing need for up-to-date information, encourage international development and lobby international organizations.

 Throughout BioMarine Business Convention, there will be a variety of sessions, think-tanks and programs designed to share, debate, advocate and support the biomarine industry. Each of these events and programs will have a sponsorship component that allows interested parties the chance to provide financial support in exchange for significant – in some cases exclusive – market access, visibility and business development benefits.

BioMarine attendees represent the most targeted group of professionals involved in marine bioresources, marine renewable energies and maritime sectors. As a BioMarine Sponsor, your organization’s name and message will reach your target audience. The Sponsorship Program provides an unequaled opportunity to focus your attention on the strategies that matter the most to your company’s successful growth.

Date: 9-12 September 2013

Location: Halifax, Canada

Visit the Biomarine Business Convention here.

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