Under the Seventh Framework Programme, the European Commission has invested substantially into driving the bioeconomy and specifically in KBBE Activity 2.3 Life sciences, biotechnology and biochemistry for sustainable non-food products and processes. BIONEXGEN is a flagship project within this activity, with the goal to develop the next generation of biocatalysts to be used for eco-efficient manufacturing processes in the chemical industry. Having benefited from a total project budget of over €10m, the research objectives for BIONEXGEN included:

• The design and optimization of enzymes to be used in synthetic chemistry

• The development of modified microorganisms which are resistant to heat, pressure or low pH, suitable for use in industrial production

       • The integration of these biotechnological steps into applied chemical processes

When: 3rd December 2013

Where: Merode Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels Airport

Time: 10.00 to 16.45: The next generation of biocatalysis for industrial chemical synthesis (costs €25)

17.15 to 19.30: Industrial Biotechnology for Europe. (FREE)

Visit the Bionexgen website for more information.

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