Optimise Antibodies: Engineering & Discovery

25.02.2013 - 27.02.2013
Optimise Antibodies: Engineering & Discovery

Conference title: Optimise Antibodies: Engineering & Discovery

Blurb for the website:

Is your job to deliver the optimum antibody candidate? Do you want to know how other companies are optimising their antibodies? Interested in cutting edge discovery and generation methods?

Hanson Wade’s 7th Optimise Antibodies: Engineering & Discovery meeting will be taking place again in Frankfurt on 25th – 27th February 2013. 

The meeting will look at the most efficient ways of engineering biophysical properties of antibody candidates as well as meeting design criteria early on in discovery to help you avoid attrition later on in development.

Whether you’re working in discovery, generation, engineering or optimisation of antibodies or other biologics; this meeting will focus on accessing practical strategies to allow you to deliver the optimum candidate. This year the meeting will cover some of the hottest topics coming out of the field such as ADCs, bispecifics and applications of next generation sequencing, giving you the opportunity to learn from some of the most innovative strategies. 

Attend Optimise Antibodies: Engineering & Discovery and improve your early processes by exploring methods for mining the antibody repertoire to discover high quality antibodies. Learn from some of the most advanced engineering strategies from research on antibody-drug conjugates and multispecific antibodies. Accelerate the discovery of an optimal epitope early in your program for maximal impact. Understand the applications and impacts that next generation sequencing could have on your antibody discovery. 

To save your place now, please visit www.antibody-engineering.com, where you can register online. Alternatively call +44 (0)20 3141 8700 or simply reply to info@hansonwade.com. Check out the website for early booking discounts.


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