The Lead Market Initiative


The Lead Market Initiative

What EuropaBio is asking for

  • A coherent, coordinated and comprehensive overall policy framework supporting the Lead Market Initiative in all six priority lead market areas, especially in the development of bio-based product markets.

Purpose of this meeting

For permanent representatives to encourage support for the Lead Market Initiative and ensure that all six lead market areas are included in the final version of Initiative when discussed in the Competitiveness Council on 29-30 May.


Lead markets are high-growth potential markets for research and, innovation-rich goods and services. Lead market initiatives will focus on areas where public authorities can facilitate industry-led innovation by creating favourable legal and regulatory frameworks, setting standards, improving access to risk capital, providing support for research and acting as a launch customer.

The Commission adopted a Communication on the Lead Market Initiative for Europe on 21 December 2007. The Communication gives important support to lead market initiatives in six areas. One area is bio-based products, such as enzymes, bio-chemicals (e.g. bio-plastics). By developing support policies and measures that will stimulate the demand for these products, this new policy will encourage innovation for bio-based products by transforming knowledge into new bio-products and bioprocesses.

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