The additional gross margin of Spanish farmers that cultivated GM maize during 2012 was over 11 million euros


Fundación Antama

Press release
Madrid, 7th November 2012
In accordance to the report accepted by the Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, the additional gross margin associated with the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) maize is 95 euros per hectare. 
GM maize cultivation in Spain reached a historical record of 116,306 hectares in 2012
The year of 2012 marked 15 years of sustained growth of GM seeds in Spain.
In addition, the Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research published a study "How can specific market demand for non-GM mize affect the profitability of Bt and conventional maize? A case study for the middle Ebro Valley, Spain" evaluating the profitability of Bt maize relative to convential maize.

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