EU CHIEF SCIENTIFIC ADVISER: "The evidence really is strong and robust and you should just believe in the evidence."


Professor Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Adviser of the European Commission, gave evidence before the Science and Technology Committee, House of Commons, on Monday 29 October 2012

"Whether you talk about stem cells, GM technology or whatever it is, the evidence is there. What people are not clear about is when and why they dismiss the evidence and make decisions on the basis of a philosophical or ethical viewpoint, whatever that might be."
"We could be much more imaginative in Europe about how we use the technology to address some of our major challenges. That would also include water security, climate change, food security and so on. GM has a role to play in those areas. [...] We do need to use it and Europe is at a great disadvantage if we don’t. I don’t think we can do it simultaneously by trying to change people’s minds and trying to get legislative change in Parliament, in the Commission, because I see it as being an extremely difficult issue. I am surprised at how emotional people get about that issue."

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