This is a myth to think that Europe is permissive on GMO authorization



Published on 14 May 2013

Usually, the propaganda revives the idea that EFSA, the European Food Safety Agency and EU bodies, such as the European Commission, are in the hands of biotechnology lobbies. According to a  recent report from EuropaBIo , the situation is completely different, and is facing , contrary to other beliefs, a situation of complete blockage.

The cumulative number of deposited folders needing permissions for GMO products, has increased from 7 in 2004, to 74 in 2012. Every year there are more applications issued than authorized. Over the period considered, it takes 45 months on average and nearly four years for a product to obtain a final approval. This delay has hardly improved over the last past year compared to previous ones. Delays are even bigger when it comes to GMOs containing "stacked" transgenes.

The full article is available in French, here.


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