New group to advise Barroso on science, technology


Published 28 February 2013

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso announced on Wednesday (27 February) the creation of an advisory group on science and technology, 13 months after the appointment of the Commission’s first scientific advisor.

The Science and Technology Advisory Council includes a cross-section of advisors – from universities, non-governmental groups and businesses. The council is to provide independent information and advice on an array of scientific and technology issues.
The creation of the council and the earlier appointment of a staff science advisor reflect both the Commission's increasing focus on science and technology to boost European competitiveness, but also a need to deal with political minefields such as genetically modified crops, biofuels and shale gas. 
"Science and innovation are key drivers for European competitiveness, economic growth and the creation of new jobs,” Barroso said in a statement announcing the formation of the council. [...]