Pope's blessing of "Golden Rice" - "Now it is blessed !"


Die Press

Published 20 November 2013

Since 1999 there is a Genetic rice, designed to prevent blindness in the developing world has been in existence since 1999. But planting out in the fields has not yet managed to overcome the headwind against genetic engineering which is too strong. In contrast, international research has now mobilised. And the Pope likes the rice. On 7 November a miracle occurred in the Vatican : Pope Francis allowed a visitor to place a bag of rice in his hands and looked at it with pleasure . Earlier, the visitors had asked him for his blessing, in English - not for himself but for the rice. An official blessing granted Francis did not grant an official; blessing but, when he returned the rice, he said: " Now it is blessed!" Thus recalled the visitpr talikng to Die Presse: Ingo Potrykus who, until his retirement,  was, a plant genetic engineer at the ETH in Zurich . There n 1992 he embarked upon a project that would solve one of the worst nutrition problems of the developing world, the lack of vitamin A or its precursor _ -carotene, it is converted in the body. But first it must get into the body;  it is also abundant in many foods, including meat, butter and milk.

The full article is available in German here. 

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