TATT: We Must Remove the Landmines That Limit Access to Biotechnology in Africa


Trust about Trade & Technology

Published 21 November 2012, by Motlatsi Musi

The choice is between aid and trade, and this is no choice at all.


GM technology is not a panacea. It won’t solve all of our problems. African farmers face a long series of challenges, from an inadequate infrastructure to political corruption. Yet access to the latest crop technologies will give us a fighting chance, especially as the climate changes and we try to adapt to new and possibly harder conditions. Drought-resistant plants represent an especially hopeful opportunity.


Mr. Motlatsi Musi grows maize, beans, potatoes, breeding pigs and cows on 21 hectares he acquired in 2004 through the Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development Program (LRAD) in South Africa.  Mr. Musi is a member of the TATT Global Farmer Network

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