Where does the Pope stand on Golden Genes?


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Published 19 November 2013

Is this the calm before the storm? In a few weeks, a new era of the green revolution could begin if a court order does not prevent it. The end of January could actually see  the first approval for "Golden rRice" in the Philippines. The golden grain, containing provitamin A - the "carrot pigment" beta carotene -  thanks to complex genetic changes, has been the number one enemy of the opponents of genetic engineering for more than ten years. Everybody knows that If Golden Rice actually introduced, grown, consumed and becomes the saviour of the deadly vitamin A deficiency in the poorest regions of the world, then the radical critics of green gene technology have not only a moral reasoning problem, they would have to admit their greatest defeat in its fight against the spread of biotechnology in the world at large. And not only Patrick Moore, the ex-co-founder of Greenpeace, who has now mutated into one of the biggest advocates of the golden rice, would be rubbing their hands. In other words, we are  on the threshold of a decisive battle in the cultural struggle of green gene technology. But what is there to be read and heared? Nothing! Little in any case. Which would bury the new tactics. This also applies to many of us journalists.


The full article is available in German here.


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