EuropaBio Workshop Back to Basics: Risk assessment principles for GM plants

Summary of the workshop entitled “Back to basics: risk assessment principles for GM plants” that took place on 14, 15 June 2016.

On the 14th and 15th of June 2016,  EuropaBio organized a workshop entitled: “Back to basics: risk assessment principles for GM plants” (find program here). The objective of this workshop was to re-visit the way in which food and feed risk assessments for GM plants are conducted in the EU and to discuss whether these risk assessments are fit for purpose and are implemented according to general risk assessment principles. Over 90 participants from 22 countries registered for the workshop (83 in person, 16 via the livestream) representing academia, regulators from around the world (from agencies like EFSA, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and Japanese secretariat of Food Safety Commission), the European Commission (EC), EU Member States (MS) and industry.

The workshop was divided into five sessions:

1. Risk assessment principles for GM plants.    Download the presentation slides

2. Weight of evidence. Case study: Allergenicity.   Download the presentation slides

3. Risk vs. Hazard and Exposure. Case study: Protein safety.    Download the presentation slides

4. Assessing unintended effects. Case study: Risk assessment of GM plants with stacked traits.    Download the presentation slides

5. Conclusions of the workshop.    Download the presentation slides

Presentations were given by the EFSA GMO Unit, third country regulators, international scientists, Member State representatives and industry. A panel discussion took place at the end of each session so attendees could pose questions to the speakers and engage in discussions. The report can be downloaded below.