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Sustainable Agriculture with Biotech

Read our Agricultural Biotech Manifesto here. Now also available in French and German! 

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Serious about climate & biodiversity?

Biotechnology, including genetic modification of crops, has a proven record of increasing farmers’ incomes whilst reducing CO2 emis- sions, the need for farmer inputs, and the pressure of agriculture on biodiversity, amongst many other benefits. Unfortunately, the complexity of communicating the science, combined with misinformation, has created misunderstandings and worries about this widely beneficial technology, especially in Europe. Despite having contributed to the invention of the first genetically modified (GM) crops in the 1990s, EU has practically prevented their cultivation within its borders, whilst remaining heavily reliant on imported GM crops. Following a July 2018 Court Ruling, the same contradictory policy now applies to plants improved with other modern biotechnologies, even if they are no different from conventionally bred plants. Our plea to European decision makers is simple:

Please prioritise trust in science!

Over more than 20 years of commercialization, GM crops have proven to be as safe as conventional crops, as confirmed by leading scientific institutions, including in Europe. It is time for EU decision makers to stand up for innovation and against misinformation. Biotech can be part of the solution to the many challenges facing agriculture today.

Read our full call to action for Agricultural Biotechnology in the EU below. Now also available in French and in German!