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EuropaBio: BIO 2023

Round tableBiomanufacturing for health: advancing healthcare and global preparedness

5 June 2023 @ 5:30 pm 6:30 pm

EuropaBio is pleased to host a round table discussion at the upcoming BIO International Convention in Boston and invites all delegates to join us to discuss on biomanufacturing for health: advancing healthcare and global prepareness.

Biomanufacturing within healthcare represents an advance in therapeutic capabilities, as ground-breaking research translates into increased diseases that can be targeted, either for the first time or with greater efficacy, with increasingly complex interventions becoming possible. It also brings resilience and increased environmental sustainability to strained supply chains as the world strives to modernise production systems.

The transition has significant implications for global healthcare, competitiveness, sustainability and resilience, with capacity building important in all regions.

This is not just reflected in advancing healthcare for citizens but also for the world’s ability to respond to healthcare crises.  Covid demonstrated that  biomanufacturing capacity globally was called into action from multiple applications and countries for the complex manufacturing process behind vaccines.

This biomanufacturing capacity does not exist within a vacuum, ready to be called to action when needed. It requires drug developers large and small, public and private, specialised manufacturers, plus skills base, supply chain and logistics frameworks resulting from significant investment over many years.

Importantly, a sustainable biomanufacturing framework is financed and delivered primarily through industry, meaning that is must be integral to company strategy. This is not a guarantee, as the global healthcare industry reacts to legislative changes and government strategies, with major investment decisions having long term implications for the capacity and skills base within countries and regions.

What does the world need to get right to ensure that biomanufacturing capacity grows, to serve patients with advancing therapies and be there for coordinated emergency responses?

Participants within the round table reflect global biomanufacturing stakeholders and will discuss:

  • National policies, incentives and strategy
  • Regulatory and standards and alignment
  • International cooperation and development

The output from this roundtable will be a call to global action for biomanufacturing published through EuropaBio and BIO, with all delegates invited to contribute through the round table and follow up.


10:30Welcome and introductionEuropaBio and BIO
10:40Setting the scene for global biomanufacturing and the planned outcome from the round tableClaire
10:45(draft) Discussion points for participants:
– What does your country need to achieve for resilience through national or accessible biomanufacturing capacity?
– How are regulatory frameworks adapting to an increasingly biological pipeline of medicines?
– What does international cooperation need to achieve to ensure that manufacturing is actually possible during pandemic responses?
– Name a priority for you to reach biomanufacturing goals in the coming years.
All participants: Lead interventions on specific topics
11:30Closing remarksEuropaBio and BIO

BIO International Convention

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