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About the PRIMED Project

In January 2024, EuropaBio joined the PRIMED - Redesigning the Primary Sector for Maximizing Bioeconomy Development - PROJECT CONSORTIUM, a 36-month project supported by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Program.

PRIMED will co-create innovative forms of cooperation to integrate primary producers in novel bioeconomy value chains with a multi-actor approach.

To do so, PRIMED will develop new Circular Business Models in Bioeconomy (CBMB) to produce high-value biobased products through advanced biorefineries and will demonstrate them in five Living Labs. PRIMED will also empower multi-actors to co-design a collaborative ecosystem to accelerate the bioeconomy, with an Open Access knowledge hub and toolkit.

PRIMED is a consortium of 12 partners, scattered by 8 countries and includes Ruhr-Universität BochumAlcarràs Bioproductors SATCentro de Nanotecnologia e Materiais Técnicos, Funcionais e Inteligentes, EuropaBio - The European Association for Bioindustries, Gruppo FILSEIrish Bioeconomy FoundationVTTLUT UniversitySINTEFNAKED InnovationsAKIS International and Inveniam Group.

For all enquiries, please contact our Biomanufacturing Platform Coordinator, Francisco Castro Alves:

Goals of the Project

The project goals are:

  • Create 5 living Labs balanced, sustainable, profitable, and aligned with the bioeconomy.
  • Develop new circular business models specifically for bioeconomy.
  • Bring a Conceptual Framework and a systemic approach to analyse circular value chains.
  • Build shared agendas in the Living Labs territories.
  • Analyse value chain actors’ perspectives to select sustainability-orientated technologies.
  • Create an open-access digital toolbox that enables European stakeholders’ cooperation.

PRIMED will establish a collaborative ecosystem to accelerate bioeconomy, in order to create an active flow of shared knowledge, expertise and resources through social innovation and a mutually beneficial learning opportunity for the entire ecosystem.

Innovating for Preservation

PRIMED aims to bolster rural economies through green job creation and investments. Its focus is on developing scalable biorefinery models, creating diverse value chains with 15+ CBMB, and investing in R&D with € 500k for innovative technologies. The project links underused feedstocks with tech and market data, testing 10 bio-based solutions for economic and environmental viability. It also identifies success factors and offers policy recommendations for robust contracts, training, and marketing strategies.

PRIMED targets climate neutrality by 2035 in the land sector and by 2050 in the economy through efficient bio-waste utilization, including clean energy and carbon sequestration. It supports agricultural diversification, sustainable food systems aligned with the farm-to-fork strategy and fosters collaboration among primary producers and value chain stakeholders.

EuropaBio’s Role

EuropaBio focus is on the policy dimension of the project: mapping and identifying critical national and EU regulatory and legislative frameworks for the supply chains, Living Labs, and business models. Through the engagement with members and consortium partners, EuropaBio will develop a set of policy recommendations to support PRIMED results and ensure their wide and long-term impact.

EuropaBio is Leader of Work Package 7: Good practise, Policy recommendations & Exploitation

Develop robust, accessible and practice-based guidelines and instructions to build shared agendas to support multi-actor agreements with the intention to allow rural areas to advance towards economic transformation upon territorial resources. Identify and showcase successful bio-based products and processes and provide good practise to improve future bioeconomy initiatives. Develop policy recommendation for regional, national and EU levels to incentivise scale-up of bioeconomy investment. Replicate, review and refine successful bioeconomy business models across different regions and living labs. Showcase adoption of bio-based innovations among varied stakeholders.

  • Cytiva
  • Disc Medicine
  • SwiftPharma
  • The Union of Biotechnological Companies BioForum
  • Freget Glaser & Associes
  • Phytolon
  • Bon Vivant
  • 21st Bio
  • Olon Group
  • EV Biotech
  • Health & Life Sciences cluster Bulgaria
  • LithuaniaBIO
  • Abolis
  • Sicos
  • Probiotic Group
  • WHC Lab Ltd
  • Biocatalyst Foundation
  • Standing ovation
  • Syensqo
  • LanzaTech
  • Formo
  • Gourmey
  • DNA Script
  • X.DeepTech
  • Genopole
  • Ajinomoto Europe
  • SwedenBIO
  • Alexion AstraZeneca Rare Disease
  • Bioeconomy for Change
  • Finnish BioIndustries
  • dsm-firmenich


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