Interview with Mark Pykett, CSO at PTC Therapeutics

Gene therapy is set to revolutionise how to treat patients with rare conditions. PTC Therapeutics aims to discover and develop therapeutics for patients living with genetic disorders, and we had the chance to catch up with their Chief Scientific Officer, Mark Pykett, to learn more about gene therapies and what PTC is headed towards.

What is gene therapy? Gene therapy is a process by which one or more copies of a gene are introduced into a patient’s body with the help of a vehicle. This approach repairs the effect of the malfunctioning gene which is causing a genetically-based disease or condition. In order to have a durable effect, the introduced genes must be expressed for a prolonged period of time (ideally, the entire life of the patient). You can find out more in our dedicated FAQ section.

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Advancing Gene Therapies - Interview with Mark Pykett, CSO at PTC Therapeutics