Biofuels and developing countries

Where the majority of the population often lives in rural areas and subsists on agriculture, the development of biofuels holds great promise. Developing countries are more vulnerable to natural disasters (storms, floods and droughts), therefore, any effort to counteract climate change will be beneficial. Especially to the biodiversity global warming can be considered more of a danger than biofuels in such areas. 

The development of biofuels will bring direct opportunities to developing countries through the production of local jobs – from growing raw materials to their manufacture. Furthermore, the local production of biofuels1 in developing countries will help to decrease the dependency on costly fossil fuel imports. Industrialized countries must be prepared to set up strong regulatory frameworks (such as sustainable production certification schemes) together with their local counterparts which can support sustainable development for these countries and prevent unsustainable cutting of rain forests and similar high carbon habitats.






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