SME BioForum: Rare diseases

Rare Disease Day takes place on February 28th across the globe to raise awareness among policymakers and the public about rare diseases and their impact on patient's lives and their families...

European Biotech Week 2022: At the cutting edge of biotechnology for cardiovascular diseases: A World Heart Day special edition webinar

Healthcare Biotechnology has the potential to transform how healthcare is delivered to patients, both in terms of innovative treatments, but also via use of innovative prevention, […]

European Biotech Week 2022: Biotechnology for society, sustainability and economies – transformative science for a changing world

The 2022 European Biotech Week from EuropaBio opens with a look at how biotechnology is at the centre of Europe’s transformation to a healthy, sustainable and […]

European Biotech Week 2022: Innovative technologies in the EU green transition – spotlight on industrial biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology-derived products offer significant potential for contributing to overcoming many EU socio-economic and environmental challenges. It is not a new sector. On the contrary, for […]

SME BioForum

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) in Europe On May 31st, from 11h to 12h30 CET, EuropaBio – the European Association for Bioindustries, will host the first […]